3 Questions to Ask an Implant Dentist

Posted on: April 14, 2021

Implant Dentist Dalton, GA

The dental restoration that an implant dentist provides has become the preferred option for replacing lost teeth. Patients who are considering dental implants often have many questions about the procedure. In this article, we go over questions that you may want to ask the implant dentist when you visit the office for a consultation. The answers can prepare you for what to expect so you can set your goals accordingly.

How long does the dental implant procedure take?

The time it takes to complete the implant procedure depends mostly on the patient’s needs. It generally takes longer to restore multiple teeth with dental implants. A single tooth restoration takes less time. However, the average healing time is the same: between three to six months.

After implants are placed, the jaw needs to heal and fuse with them. This process can progress slowly or quickly, depending on the jawbone’s health. Some patients may require a bone graft to augment the jaw's density and thickness. This process tends to extend the procedure because healing time is required before dental implant insertion.

However, patients will not go toothless throughout this period. The dentist can provide a temporary crown or teeth over the implants so patients can have their full smile while healing. After the jaw integrates with the implant post, the permanent implant crown, bridge, or denture can be fixed to the implant.

Is the dental implant process painful?

Dental implant placement is not painful. Most people undergo the procedure smoothly without complications. If only one or two implants are required, the implant dentist can complete the procedure in about an hour. Normally, the dentist will administer local anesthesia to the implant area. The numbing is usually enough to prevent any pain that may result from the placement procedure.

If four or more dental implants are required, especially in cases of partial or complete teeth loss, patients can review anesthesia options with the dentist. Patients with anxiety issues can also benefit from this because they will be put at ease throughout the procedure and feel no discomfort. Patients can ask the implant dentist about the available options.

What is the dentist’s experience with dental implants?

Patients are often wary about asking about a dentist’s qualifications. But a good dentist will be pleased to answer questions about their experience with dental implants, board certifications, training in supplementary procedures, and the number of patients that they have treated since starting. The dentist’s experience and skills are vital for the success of the implant procedure.

In conclusion

Dental implant restoration is a major procedure, so you should never hesitate to ask the implant dentist questions before deciding on it. Visit the dentist with your questions and ensure that you get satisfactory answers. A good dentist will be happy to address whatever concerns you have. You can contact the dental office to book a consultation appointment to get started.

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