4 Reasons You Should Get Denture Repair

Posted on: December 14, 2020

Denture Adjustments and Repairs Dalton, GA

Broken dentures can cause discomfort and disruption to daily life, which is why it is important to get a denture repair as soon as possible. Denture damage can occur suddenly or gradually develop over time. Know when to seek denture repair to help reduce pain and the risk of developing other oral health issues.

Reasons for denture repair

Dentures are typically made of durable acrylic resin that is comfortable and repairable. However, this appliance base can become thinner over time, making it prone to breakage. Once a denture has been damaged, it can lead to an uneven bite and a cascade of oral issues. Here are four reasons why denture repair is important.

1. Restores function and appearance

A broken denture can make patients feel self-conscious about their speech and appearance. Denture repair restores the natural look and performance of the appliance to give patients a healthy smile.  

2. Reduces discomfort and pain

When a denture becomes broken and does not fit properly, it can rub against the gums and cause irritation. If the dentures are not repaired, it can lead to a misaligned bite and jaw pain. Alignment issues of the jaw can cause ear pain and headaches.

3. Reduces movement of remaining teeth

If a tooth goes missing on the denture, it can affect the entire balance of the bite and lead to the movement of other teeth. Teeth that are opposite the gap on the denture are negatively affected because there is no counteracting force. These opposing teeth may move vertically and expose their roots, making them susceptible to decay. A denture repair to replace the tooth will keep the remaining teeth in place and help maintain their health.

4. Maintains gum health

If a denture becomes broken and ill-fitting, it can cause inflammation, irritation and blisters. Left untreated, this situation can lead to gum infection or gum disease.

Caring for dentures 

Dentures are made to take the full bite force of chewing, which works to maintain bone density. The appliance acts like natural teeth to exert the same amount of pressure against the bone. It is important that patients have dental visits every six months so the dentist may evaluate the denture fit, jawbone and gum health.  

Daily cleaning 

Removable dentures may become brittle if not kept in a denture solution or water when not in use. Dentures need to be cleaned each night with a soft toothbrush to maintain good condition. During cleanings, it is a good idea to place a soft cloth in the sink in case the appliance falls. Dentures should never be cleaned in boiling water as the heat can warp the material and cause an improper fit.


Many dentures require repair at some point due to the constant pressure of eating and talking. Living with a broken piece can lead to pain and oral issues. It is essential to seek denture repair from a dentist at the first sign of damage.

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