Adult Orthodontics Options: Three Things to Know

Posted on: December 1, 2016

Adult OrthodonticsIn our Dalton office, we can provide you with adult orthodontics options for straightening your teeth.  If you have dreamed of a beautiful smile but were unable to get braces as a child, you can still do so.  The good news is that as an adult, you actually have more options when it comes to improving your smile.  We encourage you to schedule an examination so that we can determine the current state of your teeth and jaw and then make a recommendation as to the best way to straighten and align them.  In the meantime, here are three main things that you should know.

You have options

Braces, while effective, are no longer the only way to straighten your teeth.  They have been used for decades because they do an excellent job and are durable.  They are now smaller than they used to be which makes them more discreet.  While this is a proven way to straighten teeth and align the jaw, it is not for everyone because of their appearance and the challenges of caring for them.  For those looking for a more discreet option, clear aligners are preferable.  These plastic aligners are one of the most popular adult orthodontics options because they look like clear retainers and surround the teeth.  They apply pressure to teeth to move them into position just like braces do; but since they are virtually invisible, no one will notice that you are straightening your teeth.  Additionally, if you only have minor issues with your teeth, you may not need orthodontics at all.  Instead, cosmetic dental solutions can be used to close gaps between your teeth and make them appear straighter, even though their actual position will be unchanged.

It takes time

It is important to know that regardless of which solution you select, it will take time to straighten them.  Both braces and aligners work using the same basic idea – pressure is applied consistently to move teeth into the right position.  This must be done gradually so that the teeth and roots are not damaged or irritated.  It is important to be patient so that you do not have any issues; and if you need an immediate change, cosmetic dentistry should be something that you consider.

Your teeth need to be cared for

If your teeth are being straightened with orthodontics, it is critical that you care for them diligently.  This means that you will need to brush and floss your teeth after every meal to ensure that food does not become trapped, allowing plaque begin to develop.  Otherwise, you could be at greater risk for developing both cavities and gum disease during this time.  As a dentist, we can help prevent this by cleaning your teeth twice per year.

Remember that our adult orthodontics options can be an excellent way to straighten your teeth, but only you can decide the solution that is best for you.  We will provide you with information regarding what to expect from each plan and you will need to consider that information in light of your lifestyle.  For more information, call (706) 425-6240 and schedule a consultation today.