All-on-4 Is an Implant Supported Dentures Option

Posted on: June 21, 2021

All On 4 Dalton, GA

An All-on-4® system is a practical and efficient solution to losing a full arch of teeth. This type of restoration has four implants. These implants support permanent overdentures. All-on-4 implants are ideal for patients who are transitioning to dentures. With these dental appliances, you can enjoy the stability of implants built into dentures. If you are thinking about getting All-on-4 implants, here are the details.

A look at implant-supported dentures

An All-on-4 system can support a full arch with two slightly angled implants in the back and two implants in front. Even with bone loss, a patient can have full support with these four implants. The angle of the two implants in the back should be 45 degrees. The dentist is careful when installing these implants if there is low bone density in that part of the jawbone. There is no need for bone grafting anymore because of the angled implant placement.

Because there are only four dental implants in an All-on-4 system, patients heal right away. There is also more flexibility in the resulting full arch replacement. Once the implants are in, the overdentures can go on the top right away. The limit of four implants allows quicker healing. These will fuse with the jawbone and gums even as the overdentures sit on top of them.

Patients find the All-on-4 system more affordable and stress-free. Unlike regular removable dentures, implant-supported dentures do not wiggle in the mouth. The four implants provide security and stability to the overdentures. Even if the patient engages in physical activities, the All-on-4 system stays put.

There is no discomfort in having All-on-4 implants. It relieves pain that removable dentures usually cause. These dentures go on top of the implants, on the same level as the dental crowns. The dentures stay above the gums. This prevents the dentures from pressing on the gums, which causes pain for some patients.

The candidates

People who need All-on-4 implants are those who want to have a more stable set of teeth replacement for a full arch of missing teeth. This system is permanent as well. Instead of having 16 separate dental implants in the mouth, there are only four. Because of this, the treatment is less invasive.

Patients with severe periodontal disease tend to lose several teeth. Rather than using unstable removable dentures to replace the missing teeth, the dentist will likely recommend an All-on-4. If the periodontal disease is threatening the remaining teeth to loosen and disconnect soon, the dentist will extract the remaining mobile teeth. After about 10 weeks of healing, the dentist will perform the implant surgery.

You can achieve better oral health with All-on-4 implant-supported dentures

Many people experience tooth loss. If you have lost multiple teeth in your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both, an All-on-4 system will replace all your missing teeth at the same time. This form of dental restoration is stress-free and less invasive. Discussing the All-on-4 system with your dentist can prepare you better for your upcoming procedure.

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