Digital Dentistry FAQs: X-Rays

Posted on: May 20, 2021

X Rays Dalton, GA

Digital dentistry has improved X-rays in various health facilities. Dental clinics now have dental digital X-rays that are safer and more efficient than traditional ones. This type of diagnostic exam is more convenient and accurate, producing quicker results. If you want to know more about dental digital X-rays, here are the facts.

What happens during a dental digital X-ray?

Having a dental digital X-ray is similar to having a traditional one. The dentist will place a sensor in the patient’s mouth. This will take the image of the patient’s jaws and teeth. The sensor will then transmit the images to the computer. This allows the dentist to view the images in the treatment room. An alternative way to take digital images is by combining a scanner and a sensor.

What are the benefits of dental digital X-rays?

Traditional X-rays take more time and more effort to perform and produce. The end product is always a fixed size. Because of this, dentists are left with just one point-of-view and interpretation. With dental digital X-rays, dentists could manipulate the image to get a better view; it is possible to do so. The dentist can magnify or enlarge the images to make a more accurate diagnosis.

With this technology, dentists can email the results to a dental specialist if there is a need for a more elaborate opinion. These diagnostic exams are also environmentally friendly. Traditional ones need toxic chemicals to produce the results. With dental digital X-rays, dentists just need to retrieve the results online.

What are the reasons for having dental digital X-rays?

With this technology, dentists can look at components of the oral cavity that a conventional dental exam cannot view. Dental digital X-rays reveal the condition of dental roots, areas between teeth, and other hidden sections that may harbor infection. These X-rays can also monitor the emergence of a wisdom tooth. If the tooth ends up becoming impacted, the dentist could extract it before it causes pain and discomfort. Dentists can use these diagnostic exams to watch how the jaws of younger patients develop. If the jaws develop issues in the jaw joints like a temporomandibular disorder, the patient could receive early treatment.

What are the different kinds of dental digital X-rays?

There are two main kinds of dental digital X-rays. Intraoral ones are either bitewing or periapical X-rays. Bitewings require the patient to bite down on a specialized sensor that can take the images of a specific area of the mouth. These X-rays can assess the integrity and fit of restorations. Periapicals can show the internal structure of an entire tooth and any signs of bone loss and abscess formation.

Extraoral ones have panoramics that need a machine that rotates around the patient’s head. Panoramics provide one image of all the patient’s teeth in the lower and upper arches. These are effective in assessing jaw and dental problems. Because of these diagnostic exams, dentists could formulate more accurate treatment plans.

Dental digital X-rays can improve the dental care that you receive

Thanks to advances in dentistry, diagnostic exams such as X-rays have improved significantly. Through dental digital X-rays, dentists can provide more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans. They can also monitor the progress of infections and their corresponding therapies. With dental digital X-rays, you can expect to receive a higher quality of dental care during each appointment.

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