We are an Emergency Dentist for Kids in Dalton

Posted on: September 15, 2016

Emergency Dentist for KidsEvery Dalton parent will benefit from having an emergency dentist in Dalton on speed dial.  You never know when something will happen that will cause your child to have a dental emergency.  A child can accidentally fall on the playground, be hit by a ball during practice or wake up with a terrible toothache.  Not knowing is part of life, but having an emergency dentist for kids available on speed dial is part of being a prepared parent. Fortunately for parents, being prepared is now easier than ever.  We provide emergency dental care and are happy to help your family stay well.

We are an emergency dentist for kids 

#1 We enjoy working with children

We treat both children and adults. We love kids and want to give them our very best.  As a parent, you can take comfort in the fact that our entire office is designed with children in mind.  From the waiting room to the examination areas, we have them decorated in ways to help the children feel comfortable.  You will find toys, books, televisions and friendly smiles when you bring your child to our office.

#2 Our hours are convenient

As an emergency dentist for kids, we know that you cannot control when or if an accident will happen.  You also cannot control if your child will have a dental emergency as a result.  We will not make you wait until Monday morning or a week later to schedule an appointment.  Instead, we offer flexible appointment times so that our patients can be treated right away after an emergency.

#3 We use sedation to make kids comfortable

After a traumatic event that causes a dental emergency, it is likely that your child will be very upset.  They may be in pain or emotionally traumatized.  Visiting the dentist does not make that worse, and at our clinic, it will not.  We use sedation so that your child can relax and feel at ease while being in our office. Overall, sedation is incredibly effective for creating a positive experience.

#4 Our staff is friendly

When you bring your child in for an emergency dentist appointment, you will be greeted by a friendly face.  Our team is warm and welcoming so that your child will feel as though they are somewhere familiar and comforting.  This helps, especially after a traumatic incident.  As an emergency dentist, we understand that your child could be feeling emotional when you bring them in and it is our job to help them to smile again.

You can count on us to provide professional care and the attention that your child needs to become well again.  As an emergency dentist for kids, we will work to schedule them immediately so that your child does not need to live with discomfort or irritation.

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