How Dental Lumineers Are Used to Correct Teeth

Posted on: January 1, 2022

Lumineers Dalton, GA

Lumineers® are types of dental veneers. These are composite resin or porcelain shells. These go on the outer surfaces of teeth. They can correct any blemish or irregularity. If you want to know how Lumineers can correct teeth, here are the details.

Remove spaces and gaps

Diastema or gaps between teeth is an esthetic and a functional problem. The dentist can use Lumineers to fill the gaps in the front part of the dental arch. This is a non-invasive procedure. The dentist will not need to shave off a layer of enamel from the surfaces of the affected teeth. There is also no need for local anesthetics.

Clear discolored or stained teeth

Superficial dental staining happens when one consumes colored foods and drinks. In-office teeth-whitening treatments can correct this problem. Some cases involve deeper staining. These often result from taking medications, going through treatments, or dealing with diseases. Dental trauma and severe decay can also cause deep discoloration. Dental thinning also makes teeth appear yellow because of exposed dentin.

The dentist can use Lumineers to hide any discoloration. The durability of these thin shells can strengthen teeth as well. These porcelain or composite shells can correct stubborn discoloration regular teeth-whitening treatments cannot remove. The patient does not need to worry about pain or grinding during the placement of these shells. The effect is bright and natural-looking teeth.

Straighten misaligned teeth

Some people need to have teeth-straightening treatment. Even so, not all of them have the time to have orthodontic treatment. Many people choose to have Lumineers instead of wearing metal brackets and wires. These thin shells can make teeth look straight without pain or discomfort. These thin shells are almost as effective as traditional braces.

Restore damaged teeth

Dental chips and fractures are breaks in the enamel. This makes teeth vulnerable to infection and more damage. Those who have these types of dental damage can have Lumineers. The dentist will not use any type of drill or grinder to remove healthy dental tissue. This is the least invasive mode of dental correction.

Renew old dental work

Old dental work can deteriorate over time. These restorations tend to look darker than the surrounding teeth. The dentist can place the thin shells over the affected dental work in the front part of the dental arch. This results in more even dental coloration. These durable shells can also strengthen the old restorations.

The process

The patient will need three dental visits to complete the Lumineers. The first visit will be the dental check and consultation. Here, the dentist will take dental impressions of the patient’s teeth. The second visit will involve the preparation of the teeth. The dentist will check the patient’s teeth for any cavities in need of treatment. The third visit will be the fitting and attachment of the Lumineers.

Lumineers can change your life by correcting your dental issues

Dental staining, damage, and misalignment can affect your self-image. These issues can also affect your dental health. Getting Lumineers from your dentist can correct your teeth. All it takes is a little time and the commitment to maintain these restorations.

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