How Soon Can I Eat After Getting a Dental Inlay?

Posted on: December 7, 2021

Dental Inlay Dalton, GA

One of the primary goals of dentists is to safeguard the integrity of the teeth and prevent the development of cavities. Still, when they occur (especially in the center of teeth), the go-to procedure is usually a dental inlay. The reason for the popularity of the inlay is that it would allow for treatment without using a crown or removing the enamel of teeth. 

However, one of the few complications or inconveniences that patients may experience with using an inlay is the effect on their diet immediately post-procedure. The procedure is a highly effective one and generally lasts a long time. This effectiveness is also aided and maintained by proper oral hygiene. However, immediately after getting an inlay, it is advisable to stay away from certain foods. 

What does the procedure include? 

The dental inlay is a simple procedure but usually takes a few weeks to complete. This is because of the needed to manufacture and design an inlay of the right size and shape. The procedure would consist of drilling into the damaged tooth, removing decayed parts, and then measuring the remaining parts of the tooth.

These measurements are then used in creating an inlay for insertion into the resulting space(s). In the meantime, though, the space cannot be left exposed, and so, the dentists might utilize a temporary filling material. Once ready, the filling material can be removed, and the inlay can be placed in.

Most of the time, the inlays are usually from porcelain or resin. This is particularly important as they are more durable than the composites or amalgams from which typical fillings are made. Furthermore, they allow for the color of the inlay to be matched to the color of the teeth, making the procedure unnoticeable.  

Post-procedural precautions

We have earlier stated that certain precautions would need to be taken to guarantee its success following the procedure. Most of the time, patients tend to experience increased sensitivity to hot or cold substances after the procedure has been completed, but this should be expected and should pass after some time.

The most significant procedural breach usually comes during the treatment period when the temporary filling has been placed in. This temporary filling is usually designed to be removed easily and exposing them to certain kinds of food (such as sticky foods) could lead to their removal.

That said, the standard amount of time that should be allowed to elapse before eating can continue as usual would vary from person to person. This is because the time would depend on how long the anesthetic remains potent after the treatment has been completed. Nothing is to be eaten or drunk until the anesthetic has worn off.

In addition, no hard foods (like nuts) should be eaten until 24 hours after the dental inlay has been completed. After the expiration of these 24 hours, any discomfort should be reported to the dentist.

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