Invisalign® to Address Crooked Teeth

Posted on: November 10, 2020

Invisalign Dalton, GA

Invisalign® is a treatment for teeth straightening. It is fast replacing the old treatment methods for most users. There are several misconceptions about the working concept of Invisalign, however, including the idea that it works for only slightly crooked teeth or other teeth misalignment. The technology of the treatment shows that its gradual process has been proven effective for straightening all teeth, regardless of how crooked they are.

The Invisalign process

Crooked teeth may indeed seem difficult to treat, but they are correctable. In uncommon circumstances, the teeth may not fit into an Invisalign treatment due to a misalignment of the jaw. Regardless, crooked teeth could be made perfect through the treatment, but the processes differ. Several factors, including genetics, tooth decay, habits, etc. may cause crooked teeth.

At the end of the treatment, wearing a retainer to keep the teeth in place is required. The entire straightening process involves wearing a series of aligners.

The aligners

Aligners are created with computer software that mimics the dental frame and predicts how the teeth will adjust over time. Since the dental impression is unique for everyone, every aligner works by moving the teeth slightly, so in a series, the next one builds on what the last aligner did. Then, the next builds on what the former did, and so on. Wearing aligners in their specific order is vital for the entire process.

At first, wearing an aligner feels tight. This is expected, and when it starts to feel loose, the user must wear the next one in the series. When all aligners have been worn as they should, then the teeth should be straightened out. The treatment duration for each individual depends on the condition of the teeth before treatment.


The length of time that it takes to straighten the teeth depends on the patient’s level of compliance and the severity of the dental misalignment. Typically, the treatment duration could range from six months up to two years. Note that how long the treatment takes is peculiar to each case. Overall, the teeth aligners are set in sequence, which means anyone who tries to speed the process up may experience irritation or damage to the teeth.

The severity of each case is a fundamental determinant of the number of aligners and the treatment duration. It is possible to make scans of how the teeth will look at every stage of progress and the final results. Such details before the commencement of treatment are encouraging, pushing people to go ahead with the process.

Wrapping it up

The time that it takes Invisalign to straighten teeth is not necessarily faster than braces. The duration depends largely on what the treatment is doing for you. The best bet is that it may take less time because the patient does not have to wait for extra adjustment processes. Overall, seeking the advice of a dental professional will help you decide which treatment plan best suits your condition.

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