What You Need To Know About Fastbraces

Posted on: February 2, 2018

FastbracesFastbraces is making waves throughout the field of orthodontics. They straighten teeth quickly, safely and easily. These affordable braces do not require tooth extraction or any other potentially painful procedure. Here is an in-depth look at Fastbraces to help readers understand why so many people are opting for this oral health solution.

How Fastbraces Straighten Crowded and Spaced Teeth

Conventional braces move teeth into the proper positions in a two-stage process. The problem with this approach is it takes upwards of several years for the teeth to be properly aligned. The first year requires moving the crown of the tooth into alignment. The treatment addresses the tooth root positioning in the second year. This is quite the inefficient approach when juxtaposed with Fastbraces. Fastbraces are designed with highly unique mechanics. This system relies upon a triangle-shaped bracket and a square wire to properly adjust the tooth root position. These elements work in unison to realign the crown and the root at the same time.

Fastbraces Provides Rapid Results

This patented system for teeth straightening stimulates the movement of tooth roots toward the proper positions, allowing for root parallelism as quickly as possible. In fact, the treatment can be completed in as little as 90 days. In some cases, it takes a year for results to manifest. However, some patients report straighter teeth in as little as two weeks.

A Painless Approach to Teeth Straightening

Studies have shown Fastbraces cause minimal pain compared to other teeth straightening options. This minimal pain is attributed to the fact that this technology has little-to-no friction forces. Less friction means less pain. Plenty of patients who are interested in this oral health solution ask if it is necessary to wear a retainer. Once the roots are aligned with the teeth, retention will be required each day for upwards of 20 minutes. Certain patients prefer to wear the retainer at night. However, there is no need to wear retainers for several hours per day across the ensuing months. You won’t find a more comfortable method to straighten crowded teeth.

Fastbraces Won’t Compromise the Appearance of Your Teeth

Do not assume Fastbraces are ugly like those old-fashioned metal braces. Fastbraces are now available in a clear option. These translucent ceramic brackets can’t be seen by others unless they are within a few inches of your mouth.

Fastbraces Candidates

Take the first step toward the smile of your dreams by meeting with your dentist to discuss Fastbraces. Your dentist will determine if you are a good candidate for this teeth straightening solution. The dentist will perform a full exam of your mouth and analyze your smile. X-rays and impressions are subsequently taken to build a customized treatment plan suited to your idiosyncratic smile. In general, those who have reached adulthood will qualify as a candidate for Fastbraces. The adult teeth must be fully formed before this dental device can be placed in the mouth.

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