Should You Get Denture Repair Before Getting New Dentures?

Posted on: August 23, 2021

Denture Repair Dalton, GA

Denture repair is required when damage occurs to the prosthetic. Therefore, users should be aware that they must handle their dentures with care. When a patient's dentures break, they may be torn between acquiring new ones or fixing the old ones. Continue reading to find out about the denture repair process and what you should do.

Potential causes of denture damage

Several factors can cause a denture to break, including natural deterioration with use, consumption of highly acidic foods, excess pressure, temperature changes, and a poor fit. Patients must call their dentist right away if their dentures are broken and need to be repaired or replaced. If the dentures become difficult to wear, repair may be required.

Why visit the dentist for denture repair?

It is recommended that patients have their dentures checked and repaired by a dentist. The procedure must be handled by a highly skilled dentist who can determine the cause and solve the problem. If the denture is cracked, damaged, or a tooth is missing, the dentist will be able to recommend the best course of action, including sending the appliance to a dental lab for repair if possible.

Some people may attempt to repair the dentures on their own. The remainder of the teeth might be affected if they try to glue the tooth back in the wrong way. In addition, if the tooth is not positioned properly, it may alter bite alignment. This might make chewing difficult and result in jaw joint pain (TMJ). The patient will require new dentures if the denture cannot be fixed.

Additionally, if the patient fails to fit the components together correctly, they may get gum sores. Putting shattered parts back together is not always a simple process. Furthermore, the materials that many people use to glue their dentures may make repairs more difficult when they ultimately seek professional help.

It is crucial to figure out the original cause of the denture damage. If the reason is unknown, the problem is very likely to reoccur. The dentist will examine the mouth, teeth, and denture to determine the source of the damage and offer recommendations on how to prevent such problems in the future. The denture may still be prone to refracture even after a successful repair. The dentist may be able to provide a schedule of usage based on the success of the repair so that patients can mentally prepare for total replacement.

Obtaining new dentures

The replacement procedure is like receiving a new denture. The dentist will take an imprint of the patient's dental ridge and gums during the visit. The replacement dentures will be constructed to the same specifications as the old ones, with minor changes made to improve the comfort and function of the new teeth.

To sum it up

If your denture is damaged, call the dentist's office right away to schedule an appointment. If denture repair is not feasible, the dentist will prescribe replacement dentures.

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