What to Expect When Beginning Your Invisalign Treatment

Posted on: January 4, 2021

Invisalign Dalton, GA

Nowadays, Invisalign® is one of the most popular teeth straightening options among adult and teenage patients. Invisalign is essentially clear aligners worn over the teeth to shift them to their proper positions. It is an effective and less-intrusive alternative to traditional braces, which uses brackets and wires. If you are interested in getting Invisalign, you will probably be interested in know what to expect.

What happens when starting Invisalign treatment

The following points highlight what most patients experience after getting their first set of aligners:

In the first week of starting Invisalign treatment, the aligners will feel snug on the teeth. The dentist will provide guidelines on wearing and removing the trays, but it might be a hassle initially. It gets easier to remove the aligners eventually when they loosen up. The aligners are designed for the desired position and not the current position of the teeth. The trays start to move the teeth immediately, which means some discomfort might be present in the first few days. The soreness usually disappears after the first week.

For effective treatment, the aligners must remain on the teeth for at least 22 hours daily. At first, it may take a while to adjust to the feel of the trays in the mouth. The patient may speak with a slight lisp. This is normal, and talking with the aligners will take a bit of practice. Speech should return to normal within a week or two.

Some patients may experience sore tongue because they cannot resist running it over the trays. It is necessary to get intentional about this to avoid irritation. Otherwise, if the aligners are irritating the gums and other soft tissues of the mouth, contact the dentist. It is possible to trim the edges to improve comfort.

Cleaning and maintenance

After getting the aligners, the dentist will provide instructions on cleaning them and the teeth. Some time might be needed to cultivate oral hygiene habits. First, the aligners should be removed when eating or drinking beverages aside from water. Patients need to brush and floss after meals before wearing the aligners. Otherwise, food debris and bacterial plaque will get stuck between the tray and the teeth. The aligners also need to be cleaned properly to keep them in good form.

After the first week

By the second week, any pain or discomfort should have stopped, and patients should be used to wearing and removing the aligners. If pain is still present after the second week, it is advisable to contact the dentist. The aligners will be switched out for new ones every two weeks. The new aligners might cause slight discomfort as they will be a lot tighter than the last one. Rest assured, it is to keep the teeth moving as planned.

In conclusion

If you have additional inquiries about the Invisalign treatment, please contact the dental office. The dentist will be glad to guide you through each stage of the procedure and address every concern. Book an appointment today to get started.

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