When Do You Need Emergency Dental Care?

Posted on: September 15, 2020

emergency dental care Dalton, GA

If things go well with your oral health, emergency dental care will never be necessary. However, if a serious dental condition arises, and you need treatment right away, it is good to have somewhere to turn that you feel good about. Your emergency dentist has the knowledge and training to evaluate your needs and help you feel well once again. Not every dental concern will require a trip here, so it is good to know when it is appropriate.

What an emergency dental care office looks like

Emergency dentists have a specific skill set to handle the most serious oral health conditions. The office will be able to accommodate same-day appointments and even walk-ins. Patients with after-hours needs can still come in for a diagnosis and treatment. The dentist and staff have all the necessary equipment to treat emergency conditions. The dentist will also communicate with the patient’s general dentist to pass along critical information about the individual’s visit.

Injuries to the teeth

Emergency dentists frequently see patients who have fractured or broken teeth. This can occur due to an accident or a hard blow to the face. Such forces can even knock out a tooth. Not only can these types of incidents cause intense pain, but it makes the patient more susceptible to infections or tooth decay. Waiting too long to see a dentist can invite more serious health conditions into the body. The dentist can provide fast relief and may even be able to save the tooth.

Swelling in the face or mouth

An injury to the face can cause swelling and inflammation. Often, however, swelling is the result of an infection. Such an infection can start in the root of a tooth and spread into other parts of the mouth. The infection could get into the bloodstream and affect the heart. This could be fatal to the patient unless they get emergency dental care right away. The dentist could perform a root canal or may decide to do surgery.

Intense pain

A patient with moderate pain might be able to wait a couple of days to see the general dentist. The individual should get emergency dental care when the pain reaches severe levels. If the tooth pain is constant or makes it difficult to eat or speak, the patient may have significant tooth decay. There could even be an abscessed tooth. The emergency dentist can get rid of the pain and prevent tooth or bone loss. Getting emergency treatment makes sense when the pain is keeping the person up at night or interferes with routine tasks.

Emergency help is a call away

If you experience any of these conditions or situations, you should call your emergency dentist immediately. You can get in quickly for an evaluation and examination. After diagnosing your condition, the emergency dental care team will treat you and help you to feel well once more. You should never procrastinate a trip to the emergency dentist if you are dealing with a serious oral health issue.

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