Why Dental Bonding is an Excellent Restoration for Kids in Dalton

Posted on: August 17, 2016

Dental BondingIf your child has a decayed tooth, a chipped tooth, or another shape or crack issue, dental bonding can be an excellent restoration for kids in Dalton. Our dental bonding is a type of composite resin specifically formulated to improve the appearance and imperfections of teeth. It is applied as a liquid to prepared teeth, shaped, and then gradually hardened with an ultraviolet light by our credentialed dentists.

Dental bonding is mainly suited for small cosmetic changes or fillings between teeth. When it comes to kids, many people assume that caring for baby teeth is not as important as caring for permanent adult teeth, but this is a misconception. If baby teeth face decay and fall out prematurely, it is harder for future teeth to develop properly. Improper baby teeth care can also lead to gum diseases. If your child still has baby teeth, it is tempting to get a cheaper option for fillings, like silver amalgam. Silver amalgam fillings are one of the least expensive options, but they require more space to fit on a tooth securely. This results in extra drilling to fit in around other teeth. When used for fillings, bonding does not require as much drilling or shaping. This makes bonding (tooth colored fillings) a better option for growing teeth or for kids who have aversions to drilling. It still requires some drilling but not nearly as much.

Kids are incredibly active, and, unfortunately, much of the time this leads to chipped or fractured teeth. We can apply a resilient bonding to fill in the vulnerable area. Dental bonding can be shaded to perfectly match your child’s teeth so our bonding application will provide extremely natural looking results. If your child has sensitivity due to small chips, the bonding will also cover the sensitive dentin and nerve endings. Your child will be able to enjoy his or her favorite cold and hot treats again without pain. Simultaneously, discoloration, spacing, and gum recession are all problems that occur in children just like they can occur in adults. Dental bonding can be a great way to improve color, fill in spaces of all sizes, and enhance the shape of any child’s teeth. The cosmetic and restorative properties of dental bonding are endless, making it a great choice for your children.

Our bonding procedures will completely turn around the problems occurring in your child’s teeth. Since kids can be very sensitive to the opinions of other children, if they have any cosmetic teeth defects, they may feel like they don’t fit in, but they can be too embarrassed to share these feelings with you. We can help your child feel more confident and secure with minimum procedure time. In our dental office, we are very kid friendly and kind. Your child will experience a quick and minimally invasive appointment with immediate, lasting results. You child’s teeth will look completely natural after our work is done. Therefore, we encourage you to consider our dental bonding solutions for your child’s oral needs.

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