Will All-on-4 Replacement Teeth Look Unnatural?

Posted on: June 10, 2019

All-on-4 replacement teeth provide a popular alternative to traditional removable dentures. So, what is the deal? Why do so many people opt for this choice?

What is All-on-4?

All-on-4 replacement teeth give people who need full or partial dentures a fantastic option for treatment. This procedure involves the placement of titanium or titanium alloy implants. The implants serve as anchors for a full arch of prosthetic teeth. Here is how it works.


A dental implant is a small, metal screw placed into the jawbone. It takes the place of a missing tooth root and actually fuses to the bone. Dental professionals use implants and crowns to replace single teeth or as anchors for bridges. The fusion of the implant to the jawbone makes the replacement tooth immobile and as strong as a natural tooth. Why does all this matter? Researchers expanded the use of implants and created a means to provide permanent teeth for patients needing a full mouth of replacements. The dentist will place implants in the jawbone (upper and lower). Usually, four implants provide enough support for a full arch of prosthetic teeth, but sometimes more implants are needed. Once the implants are in place, the dentist attaches the replacement teeth to the implants.


What about the replacement teeth? What are they made of? Standard materials for replacement teeth include acrylic and porcelain. The dentist will take careful measurements, X-rays and digital scans of the mouth. They will also carefully match the tooth color to make sure the replacement teeth look natural. Technicians build a replacement arch using a titanium framework and attaching carefully crafted replacement teeth. Once the arch is attached to the implants, it functions immediately.

All-on-4 vs traditional dentures

Why would someone choose All-on-4 over traditional dentures? All-on-4 teeth beat traditional dentures hands-down in all categories.


People who wear traditional dentures typically restrict their diet to softer, easier to chew foods. They avoid nuts, carrots, popcorn and other foods that may cause the dentures to slip. With All-on-4 replacement teeth, people do not need to restrict themselves or give up eating foods they love because they are afraid the teeth might slip or break. All-on-4 teeth attach firmly and permanently to the implant anchors. Once the anchors are fused to the jawbone, the prosthetic teeth will be immovable.

Maintenance and cost

Traditional dentures must be removed daily and cleaned using special cleaning solutions or pastes. Jawbone loss occurs regularly with traditional dentures. It changes the shape of the gums and mouth. Over time, traditional dentures lose their fit. They slip and rub, causing damage to the gums. The dentist will need to reline — or in some cases completely replace — traditional dentures every five to eight years. Normal flossing and brushing generally suffice for cleaning All-on-4 teeth. Want to know the best part? All-on-4 dental implants take the place of missing tooth roots. They fuse with the bone and prevent jawbone loss. All-on-4 teeth never need to be relined or refitted because gums with not be changing shape. They will also not cause damage to the gum tissue because they will not be moving around in the mouth.


All this sounds great, but will they look natural? Think about this. The dentist works carefully to get accurate measurements of the mouth. They painstakingly match replacement tooth color to the natural color — minus stains from coffee, tea, smoking and other damage. Each tooth is created to match the missing teeth and then attached to a frame that is shaped specifically for the mouth. If that is not enough, remember, implants prevent bone loss in the jaw. No sunken-cheek-syndrome in sight! A person will be able to smile, laugh, talk and eat with greater confidence than ever before.


Will All-on-4 replacement teeth look unnatural? Absolutely not! All-on-4 replacement teeth provide you with permanent, natural-looking and natural-functioning teeth. The only way people will know you have them is if you tell them.

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