Your Guide For A Dental Makeover

Posted on: January 2, 2018

Dental MakeoverDental makeovers have reached a mainstream tipping point in recent years. If you are in any way unhappy with the look of your teeth or gums, you should consider the merits of a dental makeover. The purpose of this approach is to remedy cosmetic issues with the teeth.

In some cases, these improvements also enhance tooth and gum functionality. Here is a look at the many ways to enhance the look and health of your mouth.

How the dental makeover process starts

The dental makeover process commences with a professional assessment performed by the dentist. The oral health professional will sit down with the patient to go over the patient’s oral health, beauty aims, current challenges and the best way to proceed with a dental makeover.

The dental makeover optimal for the individual might not be ideal for the next patient. This is precisely why the patient needs the guidance of an experienced dentist who understands the nuances of dental makeover procedures.

The dental makeover timeline

Prior to the procedure or treatment, the dentist will help determine the optimal treatment for the patient’s unique mouth that can produce instantaneous results. In some cases, a dental makeover can be performed in as little as a single day. The specific procedure the patient chooses will affect how long the patient will be in the dentist’s chair.

As an example, teeth whitening can be performed in a single day. A full mouth reconstruction that requires preparatory work in the form of bone grafting, contouring or prepping teeth for bridges/veneers will take more time. In such an instance it will likely be necessary to visit the dentist for multiple appointments

Saved damaged teeth with a root canal

Root canals preserve damaged teeth that are significantly impaired. This procedure gives the dentist the chance to determine if the tooth in question has nerve damage. If there is damage, the tooth might have to be extracted and replaced with a dental implant.

Dental implants

Dental implants are artificial teeth that cover up spaces where teeth are missing or extracted. Dental implants really do look like normal teeth yet this oral health solution is not all about visual appeal. Dental implants are incredibly popular as they are extremely strong and durable.

Dental implants facilitate the chewing process and prevent oral health issues from occurring in areas where teeth are missing. People will most likely see dental implants in the mouths of others without realizing these additions are artificial.

Composite fillings

If a patient has silver or amalgam fillings, he or she can consider replacing them with the composite variety. Composite fillings match the hue of the surrounding natural teeth. Fillings allow teeth to function as they should. They also prevent additional tooth decay and damage.

Beautify damaged teeth with crowns

If your teeth are damaged in any way, a crown will help enhance their aesthetics. Crowns cover up the damaged portion of the tooth. They also supplement the tooth to allow for comfortable chewing. Perhaps most important is the fact that the crown will eliminate your concerns about eating, talking and laughing in public. You won’t have any hesitation to be yourself in social settings as the crown conceals that unsightly tooth damage.

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