Your Mouth, Saliva and Healthy Teeth

Teeth and gums, while important, are not the only residents that matter within the confines of your mouth. The salivary glands within your mouth create the liquid saliva and saliva is just as vital to the everyday functions of the […] Continue Reading

What is the Difference Between Dental Veneers and Laminates?

Dental laminates and dental veneers are two common procedures done to improve the overall appearances of someone's smile. From color to shape and size, both options ultimately provide non-invasive treatments to unpleasant smiles. But what is the difference between the […] Continue Reading

How to Recover Quickly after a Root Canal

When people hear the word “Root Canalroot canal” they feel a shiver down their spine. They dread it, think it is a nightmare and even avoid getting it because of common misconceptions. This stems from a misunderstanding of what to […] Continue Reading

Using Dental Implants to Replace Teeth

Dentures used to be the best solution for replacing missing teeth, but dental implants are more popular these days because they look better, are more comfortable and do not require a lot of maintenance. Why are dental implants popular? They're […] Continue Reading

How to Relieve Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom tooth pain can be one of the worst pains that a person experiences. The wisdom teeth are typically removed because of the amount of discomfort that they cause a person. And then, even after they are removed, there can […] Continue Reading

Will Sore Gums Go Away On its Own?

Sore gums can be irritating and painful for a person that is experiencing them. The gums are extremely sensitive and people don’t realize how important they actually are to a person’s overall oral health. Typically sore gums will go away […] Continue Reading

What Do I Do if I Injure My Front Teeth?

An injury to the front teeth can be traumatic. They are commonly caused by an accident, fall, being hit in the face, a sports injury or eating something hard. The treatment will depend on the type of injury which needs […] Continue Reading

Why Tooth Health is so Important

Tooth health is crucial for maintaining good health overall. Without proper hygiene, our teeth and the supporting structures of our teeth become exposed to great risks. By understanding the importance of tooth health, you can properly promote good oral hygiene. […] Continue Reading

Dental Veneer Procedure Aftercare

Now that you have gotten dental veneers to restore the beauty of your smile, the process does not end there. You need to take specific aftercare steps to ensure that the restoration remains intact and serves its purposes for a […] Continue Reading

How Long Will Dental Restorations Last?

There are a handful of dental restorations that can be used to improve the appearance of your teeth, like composite bonding, veneers, crowns, dentures and implants. Each one of these restorations can be used to address multiple dental issues, and […] Continue Reading