How Do I Make My Gums Healthier? 5 Tips for Good Gum Health by Choosing the Right Foods

Posted on: September 6, 2018

Wanting to improve your gum health? While it is definitely necessary for you to gently brush your teeth at least twice a day and to floss your teeth at least once a day for good oral health, by making a few healthy food choices, you are helping to ensure that your gums are indeed healthy.

Why are healthy gums important?

One of the main reasons healthy gums are important is because they support the teeth. If the teeth are not properly supported, they simply are not going to work as they are supposed to. The risk of someone being diagnosed with a gum disease increases when they do not take proper care of their mouth. Those who have concerns can make their gums healthier by choosing healthy foods.

Five tips for good gum health

The following is a list of five great healthy food options that can help anyone make their gums healthier.

Good gum health food #1 — leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach are full of vitamins and minerals that are known to resist gum disease

Good gum health food #2 — acidic fruits like oranges, pineapple and strawberries are high in vitamin C and contain anti-inflammatory properties

Good gum health food #3 — crunchy fruits and vegetables not only remove plaque, they also stimulate the gums

Good gum health food #4 — shiitake mushrooms contain an anti-bacterial compound that helps get rid of any bad bacteria

Good gum health food #5 — milk, yogurt and cheese contain a protein that helps neutralize destructive acids in the mouth

Have any gum-related questions?

If you have any questions related to your gum health, we invite you to contact us as soon as you have a few spare minutes. While many people only pay attention to taking proper care of their teeth, it is also important for everyone to take proper care of their gums too. The gums need to be healthy so they can support the teeth. When the gums are not healthy, then the teeth are not going to be healthy either. Know that our helpful team of dental professionals are available for your questions.

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